Burbling Thoughts

Be You.

Now a days, People are not evaluated by their originality but by their value as a commodity in someone’s life, by the perks they bring, by the usability of theirs in someone’s life.

The common notion is that being original is being vulnerable and being vulnerable is being weak. But I face hard time adjusting to such new dynamics for being ourselves. Isn’t the journey to find out who truly we are should be the aim of one’s life? But, since everyone is overlooking this simple fact and doing all kinds of stuffs to keep them distracted, it starts haunting them at some stages of life and then, they will look back and retrospect. I think its better to ponder about these things, very early on, in ones life and make a well thought ground to roam on, weighed aganist your values & principles.

I also have gone through this mindful playing with thoughts, a year back almost and concluded: Every individual is unique. Every one of us is made of these small but magnificent details, especially curated by this universe as a whole. Our individuality lies in their originality. And that makes every individual’s a sum total of his experiences, people he interactes, places he/she has been, food they eat, clothes they wear, way they talked, things that brings glimmer to their eyes and smile to their face and so on. List is inexhaustible. So when we fake, when we pretend, we portray a different image of ourselves. Or when we are being seen as a commodity to be used: our usability and things we can offer, people misses the chance to see, who we really are. What we are beyond the “importance” in their life.

And in all this commotion of mistaken priorities and values, we loose the power of being us. We loose the power of telling our true story: of who we are, of what we are made of, of what we actually are beyond the relationships, family, jobs and attachments. We loose the power of being powerful, being original. And it didnt seem a loss to most of us, because most of us neither experienced it nor seen somone appreciating it. And progressively, being fake becomes the new original (in order to satiate the urge of being liked by more and more people and weighing our worth against the number of people that wants your company) and being original becomes the weakness of our race.

Being fake and able to pretend is becoming a new type of cool and being original becoming a thing to avoid, a thing to boo upon, a thing which is full of potencial hazards & pitfalls.

But let me tell you all, By being original, being true to yourself and people around you, you will lead the best kind of life: may be with less poeple around you, may be with less materialistic occupations, but full of satisfaction and zero regrets.