Hope: A Twin Tale


In the movie “Shawshank Redemption”, Andy Dufresne said, “Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best things and no good thing ever dies”. Replying to it, his friend Ellis Boyd Red had said “Let me tell you something, my friend-Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane”. This conversation presents a lucid view of the two-sided coin that is Hope. I must say, from my experience, both Andy & Red are right. In my opinion, Hope is what keeps us going, when everything else and everyone else tells you to do otherwise (which may end up as you had anticipated or otherwise). But Hope is also an escape way out of rationality. When the rain of rationality stops, the sun of hope shines bright.


Generation or De-Generation?

There are several glaring anomalies with ourselves, with our millenial generation, which we shouldn't be overlooking if we are genuinely serious about resolving it. Though we have many brilliant things to be proud of, to celebrate & numerous reasons to keep going but we need to introspect to realize whats wrong with our generation. This … Continue reading Generation or De-Generation?