Reel Vs Real

Whenever I try to give reference of some movie or some serial or some book regarding some life lessons or struggle, pain, love , agony, pleasure, worldview, or anything else, to people, they tend to reject it right away by saying that it’s reel life not real life. They say, in real life things happens in a completely different way. I agree with them but i disagree. You will say, its a bizarre statement! So, let me explain my reasons. Their rejection is correct but basis they have chosen is wrong. They think, in reel life, unrealistic things happen. They are just a fairy tale. This world is more cruel and sinister and have lot less love and care left than its shown on reel. But I beg to differ. Its just that we have isolated ourselves so much from this physical world and then look for company in virtual world of social media and entertainment industry that we are slowly loosing our ability to soak things from this physical world. We say, this digital revolution has made this world a global village, has made it smaller. My view is that, it has made “our world” smaller. We spent so much time in from of these rectangular screens that our worldview and thought-process both get skewed by the toxic feed of entertainment industry. What we should think of this reel world as part of our real world, is many times also dictated by the reel world and I think its not healthy.

For me REAL life is different: not lesser different but greater different. In real life, there are variety of things that happens, lot of people are involved: lot of feelings, lot of places, and what not. It can’t be depicted on the reel. It will be too much and too real to portray all of it in its entirety. Also, people see these things for taking a break from their usual routine, use it as an escape from their physical world. Would they like it, when they will see the same things, same portrayal of life, on screen as it’s happening. At last, an entire industry is based on it, they also have to earn their bread and butter. I will prefer to say, real is lot less dramatic than reel life but it is also lot more diverse, complicated and full of possibilities in real.The communication media has limitations. I will explain it one by one and how it gets affected by personal biases and other limitations.

Filter 1: Writers own worldview juxtaposed with protagonist character and every other character.He brings his own set of beliefs and concepts about life.

Filter 2: Director and producer- They have a project to complete, have to deliver a piece of work. For some people out their, its a piece of art. They toil day and night for weeks and months, take opinions from the people they are in contact with. Shoot the same scene in 10 different scenario. Sit with some creative bunch of people and choose one of it.

Filter 3: Editor, censor and marketing- They put special effects, background sound etcetra etcetra and make it ready for approval by censor board where if needed, more scissors would be used to cut the scenes they think shouldn’t be broadcasted for masses. Then come the evils of marketing and they present it as the something that you haven’t seen ever or something which will blow your mind and will sweep off your of you feet.

Filter 4: Digital media or screen- After all the embellishments, it will be released and broadcasted on cinema screen, TV and on the online platforms. We will consume it as our daily staple diet of entertainment. This digital world is new to our evolutionary process and we are yet to get adapt to it properly.

Filter 5: Individual- Across the world, diversity is the only thing which is constant. Diversity in food, culture, religion, thoughts, worldview, ethics, government etc. Then come the diversity of education and awareness. In short, every individual have some general set of traits and some not so common. This makes almost every individual unique in their own way. So, they will interpret things they see, touch & feel according to their understanding.

After, these 5 filters, a “reel” life finds a place in our mind. Let’s, do some comparison. When we apply just 1 filter in our pic, and it turn out to be completely different from “real” we. Then tell me, wouldn’t it be a tragedy if we expect that the reel life is more original than yours. It’s just a down-sampled version of total sum of life, experiences and imagination of people involved in its making .

Our real life is far more interesting, exciting, involves far more people, have far more variables, have far more complication and have far more possibilities and there is no filter in “real” life. It will be just you and your thoughts. The stories that you will make in your head, by your observation, experience & imagination will be far more realistic and reliable than “reel” one.

We live in a world where very aspect of our life is being affected by the virtual world of social media and entertainment industry. But we have to understand that we live in this physical world, we meet people in this physical world, we talk with them, eat food, hangout, do work, create art, all in this physical world, instead we allow the superficial, shallow, non-physical and seemingly harmless virtual world to negatively interfere. Its true, with time the line between our physical world and virtual world is getting blurred but that’s where the problem lies. That’s where we starts drawing wrong conclusions from reel life and start using them in real life. We must draw our own set of conclusions, but we also have to sensitize it with the realities of this world.

One of the greatest American writer & thinker Mark Twain had said ” “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” And What cane be more truthful than the bare reality itself. So, his statement can be rephrased as “Reality is stranger than fiction” & it can be interpreted as “Real is always stranger than reel”. Thus, no matter how much you use the virtual world to escape from the real world and that try to use it to reconnect back to the real world, you will always find yourself in the disconnected with this world, their people and happenings. It will be YOU and just YOU in your own world. All alone, unhappy, unfulfilled, putting seeds of anxiety in your brain, making it the fertile ground for conflicts

Its good to learn from your mistakes and experiences but in this fast paced world, we must also learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. I think its high time, we start drawing right set of inspiration and observations from REEL life so as to make our REAL life better.

Note: Even this blog is a part of the digital/reel world. Its up to you to decide what is correct for you. Whatever i have written above has passed through just one filter: My mind. It is unadulterated. Rest depends on your interpretation and worldview.

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