World & We

This world is an elaborate system of interdependencies : a labyrinth of myriad connections. None of us are free. You can imagine this world as an osmotic system where continuos exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings, notions, interpretations, opinions & creations are flowing across the boundaries of our existence. All the sciences: natural or social, have one basic objective- to understand these happenings, to make sense of it, to observe a pattern and use it for predictions. You can name it as our effort in “Understanding the Reality”. Even every religion or system of belief on this earth, offers their own way to “Understand the Reality” of this world. So, we can easily say, human beings instead of being in a physical world always tries to seek and understand what is invisible. Technological revolution of 21st century has boosted the process for many and supressed for others.

This persuit to know the “Reality in Totality” is an unending journey. We live in a dual world: One which we see, touch and have physical world and another which has no physical existence but plays very crucial role in shaping the physical world of ours. Remember the “Heisenberg uncertainity principle”from quantum physics of 11th standard. It states that at a given point of time either we can exactly determine the position of an electron or its speed. Both can’t be determined to its true value at any point of time. It also implies that no entity in this world is completely independent from each other only the degree of dependency varies. It also applies for our life. We can never take any decision of our life by thinking of ourselves only. 

We only do the things we think matter to us, but  a close introspection  of our act will reveal that our actions & in-actions are greatly affected by the people in our surrounding: The one we hate or the one we love.



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